Meet our Pharmacy team:


                Abdul Salam Arif – Pharmacist

                Saeed Tahir – Pharmacist


 Our pharmacists and their team of professional pharmacy assistants are here to answer any question or guidance you may need with your medications.


 – $2 discount for ODB / trillium / Social services customers

– Free home delivery in the area

– Free home medication review by qualified pharmacist

– Compression Stockings

– Free diabetic consultation and nutrition advice

– Free advice for Herbal & natural medications.

– Free Homeopathic medication advice

– Free mobility product consultation e.g., Canes, Crutches, Folding Walkers, Rollators, Transport Chairs, Wheelchairs, Walking aids etc.

– Circulation Booster V3


 Please feel free to contact our pharmacy at : 905-553-2244